The fit is everything. When your clothes don’t fit it can throw off more than just your sense of style. The right fit allows you to move and let others know you take yourself seriously. It can be the difference between getting up on the wrong side of the bed and seizing the day. At Larissa’s tailor shop we built our business on making you get the right fit and look every time. We work with our customers to make sure we fit the clothes not only to them, but to each ones personality and sense of style. By taking the extra time to make sure our customers are taken care of each and every time they visit us.

  • Buttons

    A missing button can ruin an outfit. We can quickly replace a missing or broken button for you.

  • Pressing & Steaming

    Keep wrinkles away by letting us handle all of your steaming and pressing needs. Ask about our same day availability!

  • Shirt Laundry

    Don’t let your favorite shirts fade. Let us handle your shirt Laundry for you.

  • Re-Weaving

    Woven clothing can be tough to work with. We have years of experience that help us ensure only you know it was re-woven. Ask us about re-weaing instead of patches on suits to make holes look like they never happened.