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    Larissa's Plaza Tailor Shop

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    Larissa's Plaza Tailor Shop Location: 4631 Wornall Rd Kansas City, MO 64112 Phone: +18167531209
  • Lisa Y.

    Lisa Y.

    What a great place! I chose Larissa's because of the other positive reviews on Yelp and I was not disappointed. They charged a fair price to shorten the sleeves on a wool coat, and said it would take a week (unless I needed it sooner, which I didn't). She also gave me a discount because the coat was purchased at another store in the Plaza! I then asked how much they would charge to repair a small tear in the seam of the puffer coat I was wearing. Marina began to give me the price, then brought my coat in the back room and asked if I could wait a few minutes while they repaired it right then and there! Perhaps best of all, she didn't even charge me to fix the tear! The staff is very nice, gives great (and honest) advice on what alterations should be made, and promises the work in a very reasonable amount of time. I would definitely recommend Larissa's to anyone!
  • Sidney B.

    Sidney B.

    Sidney B Kansas City MO 5.0 star rating 9/18/2016
    Took my wedding dress to Larissa's with the broken zipper . No one else that I called offered same-day service, and no one else was very friendly when I called. They were friendly, helpful, and FAST! Customer for life! THANK YOU!
  • Oliver M.

    Oliver M.

    I just picked  up  my suits and they fit well . I like the detailed tailoring because they  make the suits look excellent.   I FEEL GOOD !!! Thank you so much for all of your personal care, PROFESSIONAL AND FAST ASSISTANCE !!  Outstanding references  for Larissas business !!
  • Maksim K.

    Maksim K.

    Great customer service, quick turn-around, amazing quality of work. Thank you!
  • Anna S.

    Anna S.

    I had an excellent experience at Larissa's with three different items. When I entered the staff welcomed me with a sincere smile, made me laugh, and got down to business. I loved the tailor job they did on my black cocktail dress originally purchased second hand. After a thorough decision-making process regarding on how to make it fit best, I ended up with a completely different item that fits me ideally. No need to purchase a different size! I had similar experiences with a pair of high waisted black work pants and suit jacket. Intelligent design and care was placed in tailoring each item.
  • Brooke L.

    Brooke L.

    I called to asked them to if I could have the impossible, possible. I am an agent at hotel and needed to have some item pressed for a guest that needed the items back asap. They were the only tailor company IN THE ENTIRE CITY (yes, it felt as though I called all of them) that was able to help me. Everyone else was, I was told was gone for the day or their machines were already turned off. Not even our own dry cleaning service would do it for us. So to my surprise I was told that they would do it, and it would only take 20 mins per suits. (four). This left a great impression on not only me, but the hotel, and the guest. Price for having the suits were very fair. I will always use them.

    Side note: our Valet got to the door as they were closing and they (obviously) did the service! OMGGG they rock!!!
  • Mari M.

    Mari M.

    Very satisfied with the work to shorten and hem a new pair of jeans. Dropped them off and was promised a one-week turnaround but they were completed much sooner, only a few business days. The work was completed with quality and the price was right! I have paid significantly more and dealt with way more attitude in other places.

    These ladies were friendly and quick. What's not to love?
  • Billy Boy F.

    Billy Boy F.

    Very professional staff. Extremely good work. I have found my new Tailor. It's in the heart of the plaza. Fair pricing with A+ tailoring. Highly recommend!
  • Tony G.

    Tony G.

    I have had suits, sport coats and pants (new and used) tailored here, and have always been happy with the results. I was particularly impressed with the alterations on a pair of Burberry suit pants that were fitted to someome with a lot more "back" than I've got.

    Larissa has an opinion, but has never pushed it without asking. Her suggestions have always looked good. Prices are fair, too.

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  • Don T.

    Don T.

    Larissa's ROCKS!!! Great customer service, alterations, and prices - trifecta!  Highly RECOMMENDED!!  Have had an entire wardrobe altered perfectly.
  • Tony G.

    Tony G.

    Fantastic service and great prices. Needed something done the same day and they were able to take care of me. Quality is FAR better than other shops in the area.
  • Kate T.

    Kate T.

    I'm so glad I found this place. I needed a dress taken up at the bottom and I needed it done within three days. I tried to take it to Rydell's and Swyden's, but their tailors are on French summer hours, apparently. Neither were available during the afternoons. I called Larissa's to make sure they were open. The polite woman on the other end said, "Yes, of course," as in, "yes, of course, this is America, after all!" so I drove on over. The woman who helped me at Larissa's was professional, pleasant and clearly knew what she was doing. She was totally open to discussing pricing beforehand (I don't like surprises). I knew I was cutting it close with my dress, so I was glad to pay their $5 rush fee. I didn't need my pants done in a hurry, so I didn't pay an extra $5 to rush those. I received a courtesy call on Thursday around 5 to tell me that both items were ready.  They did a great job and I'll be coming back for future alterations.

    For comparison purposes, they charged $20 to hem a pair of dress pants. I was accustomed to paying $11 for similar service when I lived in a smaller town, but the price seems par for the course around here. They did a great job.
  • Jim C.

    Jim C.

    I have had suits, sport coats and pants (new and used) tailored here, and have always been happy with the results. I was particularly impressed with the alterations on a pair of Burberry suit pants that were fitted to someome with a lot more "back" than I've got.

    Larissa has an opinion, but has never pushed it without asking. Her suggestions have always looked good. Prices are fair, too.
  • Jessica G.

    Jessica G.

    I came to KC for a grad school interview and they provided amazing service.  My pants were altered in less than 24 hrs and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend this business.
  • Brittany J.

    Brittany J.

    My bridesmaids dress turned out perfectly! Highly recommend! Quick and precise alteration, was even able to fix the pleated chiffon neckline to be more modest for me. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Kip W.

    Kip W.

    I've had three pair of lululemon pants hemmed here and they always do such a great job. They look just like they do off the shelf, only customized for my short stature. I will definitely be taking more items to this shop!
  • James B.

    James B.

    If you need something tailored, repaired or dry cleaned this is the place to go!

    You will not find a better tailor shop in Kansas City. Period! I have had them do suits, jackets, pants, shirts, dry cleaning and anything else you can think of. They even did my wife's wedding dress... which turned out so well she swore it was a whole new dress. Every time they have done anything for us it has turned out perfect. I have even brought in thing that other shops have messed up and they have always been able to bring my clothes back to life.

    I recently bought a suit for my wedding. The problem I had was the my shoulders slope down and the collar didn't really fit right. They took apart and redid the ENTIRE suit and yes I mean completely took it apart. Some shops would just have taken in here or cut there. They reworked the entire suit to the point that when I put it back on it felt like a whole new suit. When I got it back I was blown away. I have have every suit I have ever purchases tailored, but I have never had a fit like that. It was hands down the best fit I have ever had on a suit!

    I also ripped the sleeve on my favorite Northface Jacket recently. The rip was so bad if you touched the jacket at all feathers would go flying everywhere. I dropped the jacket off and when I got it back it was like new. The jacket sleeve is all one piece and it has stitching all the way around it so I was worried it would look awful. I couldn't have been more wrong! When I got the jacket back the work was so good that after looking for more than 20 minutes I couldn't find the repair. The sleeve looked like had come off a brand new jacket. It wasn't till I started talking to them that I found out that they had taken both sleeves apart done identical work to both sides and then put everything back together. As always I blow away by their craftsmanship.
  • Lauren K.

    Lauren K.

    My boyfriend and I both have taken pants to be altered here.  They do a wonderful job and it is a resonable price.
  • Sudhir A.

    Sudhir A.

    I needed my suit pinned,  hemmed,  and altered and it was done in 2 hours so I could attend a charity event that night.   Slightly expensive but worth it.
  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    This was the first time I had used a tailor. After doing research on Yelp, I decided to go with Larissa's Shop. The staff was very polite and prompt. They measured me quickly and we agreed on a pick-up date. The suit was ready on time and looked great. She's a really nice lady and runs a professional shop. I was very pleased in doing business with them. I will return in the future.
  • Taylor B.

    Taylor B.

    The staff were very friendly and helpful, and their work was great. The price seemed a little steep at $230 for alterations to a bridesmaid dress. I suggest getting a quote before committing.

    Update: When I actually wore the dress, the alterations were not worth what I paid.
  • Vivian O.

    Vivian O.

    So, this was the first time I have ever used a tailor for my regular work attire. The one previous time was to tailor a hidieous bridesmaid dress two years prior.

    The first time I went was to tailor a new wool blazer (darts in the back had to be taken in). The results really made me realize the how great clothing can make you look when it fits well. The price was $30. I am not sure if that is cheap or expensive. The second time I went was to have a zipper fixed on a Gap skirt I bought on clearance for $5. The cost to replace the zipper was ~$30, which I was surprised by (but again, I have no reference point). The sewing job was great however.
  • N J.

    N J.

    Shop: Easy to find, but hard to get a parking spot (in front of the shop -- I meant) sometimes. It has small space.
    Staffs and Services: Friendly and provided good services. I went there for jeans alteration. $15 for not keeping original hems, and $30 for keeping original hems. I think they do provide dry clean service.

    Note: If you buy clothes from Banana Republic store and come here for alteration, you would get 20% discount. You have to make sure that you ask the SA at Banana Republic Store to give you a discount card.
  • Julie D.

    Julie D.

    I am guilty of judging a book by its cover. My first impression of this place was wrong.

    I picked up my pants. The total bill was $107.50 for 7 pairs of pants, which I think was reasonable. There were three pairs of dress pants, two pairs of sweat pants, and two pairs of yoga pants.
    -Dress pants: PERFECT length! I did not know what to expect with my dress pants because I alternate between shoes with tall soles and very flat shoes. When I had them measured, I was wearing my tall shoes and the guy who measured them looked kind of pissed off because of that. But, when I brought them home and tried them on, they were the perfect length for my tall shoes and for my flat shoes. Also, some of them had a pretty significant flare, and those are typically difficult to shorten without puckering or causing other ugly things to happen.
    -Sweat pants: Although the original stitching was not maintained, the edges were finished nicely. The stitching was not very straight, which is okay if it is not visible, but it was visible on one pair of pants.
    -Yoga pants: Difficult material to work with because it is knit and has some spandex component to it. Edges were nicely finished and stitching seemed to be straight, and if it wasn't, it was not visible.

    I am satisfied with the finished product, and will not hesitate to go back.
  • Charley B.

    Charley B.

    "You wear pants with a belt , right?"

    Yes I wear my pants with a belt. It just helps.  

    I've only had hems here and they do a good job with them. Always solid, never had a problem. I will admit that they are a little more expensive than some other places, but for the convenience of where they're located I'm quite happy with everything I take there. They can also be a little direct there, but that's fine. They're the experts.
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